Resources to set up a legal self-help desk

The Evanston Public Library (EPL) has been a Legal Self-Help Center and ILAO partner since 2018. EPL has created both in-person and virtual self-help desks to provide patrons with legal information help and resources. EPL has graciously provided the the resources below, which you can use to set up your own legal self-help desk.

See EPL's Legal Resources page for additional resources.

Virtual Legal Self-Help Appointments

Virtual Legal Self-Help Center schedule template

Use this Google Sheet template to create a schedule for virtual legal self-help desk appointments. You cannot edit this document, but you can make your own copy (File-->Make a copy) to edit and add dates as needed.

Sample Legal Self-Help Center promotional flyer

This flyer is used to promote EPL's virtual legal self-help desk. Use this as a template to create your own flyer.

Sample Bookmark

EPL uses this 2-sided bookmark to promote additional services and resources. Use this as a template to create your own.