LSHCs What we can and cannot do.pdf

LSHCs: What we can and cannot do

This flyer can be posted in your Legal Self-Help Center to let patrons know that you can help them with legal information, not legal advice (with examples).

What is a lshc.pdf

What is a LSHC?

This flyer will explain what a Legal Self-Help Center is, where to find one, and what kind of help is offered there. This can be used to provide your patrons with more information about the kind of help you provide at your self-help center. It can also be used at courthouses that are making referrals to your self-help center (so that people know what to expect before they arrive).

2022 Livehelp program flyer.pdf

LiveHelp flyer

This flyer describes our LiveHelp program, which helps our website users find legal information and court forms on, and how to access it. flyer

This flyer is printable but also has clickable links to popular ILAO resources for sharing online. This flyer also includes instructions for using LiveHelp, ILAO's chat service that helps people find resources on This LiveHelp flyer also provides instructions for using the service.

2022 ILAO updated flyer Eng and Sp clickable links (1).pdf

We are a LSHC sign 1

This flyer explains that you can provide legal information, forms and referrals.

We are a LSHC sign 2

This flyer explains that you can provide legal information, forms and referrals.


Daley Center Legal Referrals

This flyer lists the legal help desks and other legal resources for visitors to the Daley Center in Chicago.

County Division Referral Sheet_FINAL.pdf

County Division Resources

The County Division is one of the ten divisions in the Circuit Court of Cook County. It handles the following cases: adoption, mental health, civil asset forfeiture, name change, election, and real estate tax proceedings.

This flyer provides legal resources for these types of cases.


Resources for Free Legal Help in Markham

This flyer provides a list of free legal help resources at the Markham Courthouse.