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2024 KYR: How to prevent evictions

KYR: Evictions and Rental Assistance 

NEW This presentation covers renters' rights during the eviction process, illegal lockouts, rental assistance programs, and housing rights. Updated 4/12/2024. 

This flyer explains the eviction process, your rights during an eviction, and where to get legal help when facing an eviction. 

2023 List of Easy Forms

List of Easy Forms

(NEW) This is a complete list of the Easy Forms we have on You will find these and other forms in our Form Library

IL Statewide Forms Overview

This video provides an overview of Illinois Statewide Forms, which are court forms created to be used in any county in Illinois. This overview explains where to find these forms and how to use them to help people without lawyers. After you watch the video, please take our survey to help us improve!

Information vs. Advice

How to use

This video provides an overview of ILAO and the resources on and how to use them to help people without lawyers. This video can be used to introduce new staff to the website, or as a refresher for more experienced staff. Please take our survey afterward to help us improve!

How to help patrons e-file 

Jill Roberts from the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts explains e-filing and how to help your patrons with the e-filing process. Here are the slides from the training

E-filing resources:

Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice courses

Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice is WebJunction's series of free, self-paced courses that help libraries improve access to civil legal justice. These courses aim to empower all library staff to feel more confident about conducting civil legal reference interviews and connecting patrons to important resources and information that can help improve their lives.

Public Library Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to help public librarians understand the process of legal research, effectively develop and use the information located within their libraries, utilize information located outside their libraries, with the end goal of helping the patron locate the legal information they need. Posted on the American Association of Law Libraries website.