Navigator training and info

Information vs. Advice

  • Coming soon! Information v. Advice training - This video will explain the difference between information and advice and how not to cross the line between the two.

  • What is Legal Information? - A Guide to Using the Illinois Supreme Court Policy on Assistance to Court Patrons by Circuit Clerks, Court Staff, Law Librarians, and Court Volunteers (includes all Legal Self-Help Center Navigators, such as librarians). This is also called the Safe Harbor Policy (also see this summary guide).

How to use

Coming soon! This video will provide an overview of the resources on and how to use them to help people without lawyers. This video can be used to introduce new staff to the website, or as a refresher for more experienced staff.

Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice courses

Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice is WebJunction's series of free, self-paced courses that help libraries improve access to civil legal justice. These courses aim to empower all library staff to feel more confident about conducting civil legal reference interviews and connecting patrons to important resources and information that can help improve their lives.

Checklist for new LSHCs.pdf

Checklist for new LSHCs

This flyer provides a list of steps for libraries, courthouses, and other organizations interested in becoming a Legal Self-Help Center.

The Justice Gap Report Executive Summary

The Justice Gap Executive Summary provides statistics pertaining to the unmet civil legal needs of low-income Americans. This illustrates the importance of the help that Navigators and Legal Self-Help Centers provide.