Online self-help legal resources

E-filing resources

In Illinois, e-filing is the required filing method for the courts.

Court and legal forms

  • ILAO's Form Library has court forms, legal documents, and letters for many kinds of legal problems - use the search box on this page to find specific forms. People without lawyers can use our Easy Form programs to create court forms on their own. There are also blank forms that can be downloaded and filled out on a computer or by hand.

  • Standardized Statewide Forms are required to be accepted in all Illinois courts. The forms are ADA accessible, and people without lawyers can handwrite or type into the PDF form. Many of these have been translated into other languages (the translated forms are for reference only). Here is a flyer to make referrals to the forms website.

Remote court appearances

Remote appearance resources - These resources provide step-by-step instructions - in multiple languages - for going to court by phone or video, and how to go to court using Zoom.

Helpful resources for people without lawyers

This page on the Illinois Courts website links to information about going to court, finding a lawyer, getting fees waive, and more.

ISBA: For the public

The Illinois State Bar Association has information for the public, such as legal self-help brochures and information, how to find and hire an attorney, and legal referrals for those who can't afford an attorney.

Immi has free and simple legal information for immigrants. Immi created is by nonprofit legal experts to help immigrants understand their rights and options.

Guide to Hiring a Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer is an important and personal decision. This guide from the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) provides information about what to look for in a lawyer, what to know about attorneys' fees, the client's responsibilities, and the lawyer's responsibilities to their client.

What if you have a problem with your lawyer?

If someone believes their lawyer has acted improperly, they may contact the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC). The ARDC is a branch of the Illinois Supreme Court and has the sole authority to investigate lawyer misconduct. The ARDC website is